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Brian J. Murrell wrote:
I am finding that in trying to use ddrescue, the source disk will
eventually get into a state where the machine it's in needs to be
restarted (hard -- with a full power-down/up).

But when the disk gets into this state while ddrescue is running it
continues to try to read from the disk and fails.  Presumably all of
the blocks it tried to read while the disk was in this needing-a-reset
state are being flagged as bad.

Yes but, have you tried ddrescue 1.26-pre1? It includes this change which I expect will detect some such needing-a-reset situations:

Ddrescue now exits with status 1 on fatal read errors.
(Suggested by Marco Marques).

You can find 1.26-pre1 at

Please, try it and tell us if it solves your problem.

But maybe those blocks that were attempted after the disk got fubar'd
(and the machine needed a power down/up) are not bad.  Maybe once the
disk is reset they would be readable.

What is the best way to handle this situation so that those potentially
readable blocks are actually re-attempted after the machine is

Passing option '-A' to ddrescue the first time it is run after a power up:

     Mark all non-trimmed and non-scraped blocks inside the rescue domain as
     non-tried before beginning the rescue. Try this if the drive stops
     responding and ddrescue immediately starts scraping failed blocks when
     restarted. If '--retrim' is also specified, mark all failed blocks
     inside the rescue domain as non-tried.

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