Shahrukh Merchant wrote:
Perhaps related to Robert's comment, but the ddrescue man page says:

The format for running ddrescue is:
ddrescue [options] infile outfile [mapfile]

so your specifying --force at the end rather than at the beginning as
indicated (quite aside from the redundancy) may be throwing off the
command line parser's interpretation of what is supposed to be infile,
outfile and mapfile.

This can't be the cause of the error because all of my programs (including ddrescue) use Arg_parser, which "makes it appear as if all the option arguments were specified before all the non-option arguments for the purposes of parsing, even if the user of your program intermixed option and non-option arguments[1]".


If the drive sizes reported by apsiggy are correct, then most probably Robert is right and the device where the mapfile 'logfile' is being written is out of space.

On Wed, Sep 29, 2021 at 9:53 AM a p <> wrote:
IF so my output from running ddrescue to clone a HDD
(ddrescue -f /dev/sda /dev/sdb logfile --force) errors out and says"no
space of device"..

It would help to know the version of ddrescue and the exact error message. For example ddrescue 1.25 would print the following:

  ddrescue: Error writing mapfile 'logfile': No space left on device


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