Dr. Hinner EDV wrote:
First of all Thank you very much for your work and your contribution!

You are welcome! :-)

I'm about to write a backup system, it should be energy-efficient and fast.
So I'd like to suggest to introduce a new option "--compare-before-write".

Given that writing can be slower on some devices than reading, this may be an interesting feature. It all depends on how frequently a block (or a sector) is overwritten with the same data.

But this is a significant change because ddrescue currently opens outfile write-only. So I guess it will have to wait until after 1.26 stable is released in a couple weeks or so.

I also wonder if SSDs do this check by themselves, in my opinion it
would be smart to do because of wear, but it also takes some time.

I have no idea whether SSDs compare the data before writing it. (I tend to think they don't).

Happy new year to everybody!

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