I would suggest that ddrescue should warn the user that their chosen sector size is stupid.

On 27/08/2023 12:40 am, Antonio Diaz Diaz wrote:
Franc Zabkar wrote:
The last two lines of the mapfile contain three numeric values which
don't make sense. That is, the numbers 0x0EBE8700, 0x1CD5A9A8700 and
0x464757900 are not integer multiples of the sector size, 0x200.

Thank you for reporting this.

Note that the values above do make sense. They are multiples 0x100, a valid value of sector size. Moreover, the positions and sizes of the mapfile blocks are not required to be multiples of the sector size.

Note also that the 'current_pos' (0x142D3A80000) is in the middle of the mapfile, indicating that ddrescue was already run on this mapfile before.

Maybe the user ran ddrescue previously with a --sector-size of 0x100.

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