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Antonio Diaz Diaz wrote:
GNU ddrescue 1.29-pre1 is ready for testing here

Changes in this version:

  * The new option '--continue-on-errno' has been added.

Works, see below.

  * If ddrescue exits because of a fatal read error, it now prints the value of the variable 'errno' so that it can be used as argument to '--continue-on-errno'.

Copying non-tried blocks... Pass 1 (forwards)
ddrescue: /dev/sde1: Fatal error reading the input file: No such device (errno=19)

The Cygwin DLL 3.5.1 now maps ERROR_MEDIA_CHANGED to ENODEV. EACCES is still the default for "other" codes, but this never occured for read errors in my testcases.

  * When using '--ask' and '--verbose', print rescue options before asking user.


  * Option '--log-reads' now records the value of errno if different from EIO. ...

$ ./ddrescue ... -O --continue-on-errno=19 --log-reads=read.log ...

$ cat read.log
#  Ipos       Size  Copied_size  Error_size  Errno
0xE5C80000      65536   65536   0
0xE5C90000      65536   0       65536      <= ERROR_CRC
0xE5CA0000      65536   0       65536   19 <= ERROR_MEDIA_CHANGED
0xE5CB0000      65536   65536   0          <= after reopen
0xE5E90000      65536   65536   0
0xE5EA0000      65536   0       65536
0xE5EB0000      65536   0       65536   19
0xE5EC0000      65536   65536   0

... (The four changes above suggested by Christian Franke).

  * The effect of option '-O, --reopen-on-error' has been extended to all phases.

Works as trim+scrape were successful in above test case.

  * It has been documented in the manual that '--reopen-on-error' may be needed when using '--continue-on-errno'.

See also new Cygwin behavior above.

BTW, the Makefile problem is also fixed.


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