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Christian Franke wrote:
Are there any plans to support other output formats than raw images?

No, really.

AFF is a segmented format which supports compression, encryption and
signing. Using it instead of raw images could significantly reduce the
size of output images if the disk contents is compressible.

It is not possible to compress data out of order. Even if you compress each cluster or sector separately as they are read, you can't store them in a single file in order because you can't know how much space will require each compressed gap in the file corresponding to the sectors being skipped.

Therefore, the only way of creating a compressed image (or an AFF image) using ddrescue is to create a normal image first, and then compress (or convert) that image.

OT: Recently I had a very interesting real word testcase for ddrescue:
A 4TB Seagate ST4000NM0265 with massive seek problems could be
completely recovered by running ddrescue (Cygwin) for about two weeks
24x7, except for one single sector. Required changing ddrescue
parameters several times and reduction of disk's own ERC time (with

Interesting indeed. Thanks.

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