Dennis Clarke wrote:
> A few patches were needed to compile gettext- on Solaris 10
> using both Oracle Studio 12.4 and Oracle Studio 12.5 compilers. The
> problems seemed to be exclusively to some issue around the use of _Bool
> and then "bool" in other place and a mismatch between header files and
> the C source files that reference them.
> These adjustments solve all these issues :

Replacing 'bool' with 'signed char' is, of course, not the way to go.

For the analysis of the problem: You have already sent a copy of
/usr/include/stdbool.h. I would also need:
  - a copy of the gnulib-generated stdbool.h (in the build tree of
  - the preprocessed output of one of the compilation units that failed
    to compile (i.e. revert your patch, run "make", pick the cc command
    that failed, replace "cc ... -o xx.o" with "cc ... -E > xx.i",
    execute that command, then gzip xx.i and send it as attachment).



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