On 10/15/2016 09:14 AM, Bruno Haible wrote:
> Can we change the license of the modules 'gettime', 'timespec', 'utimens'
> to 'LGPL'?
> Agreements are needed:
>   - For gettime: from Paul, Jim.
>   - For timespec: from Jim, Paul, Pádraig.
>   - For utimens: from Paul, Eric, Jim, Bruno, Aurelien Jarno.
> You hereby have my agreement (since all these modules are suitable for use
> in libraries).
> Paul, Jim, Eric, Pádraig, Aurelien, can we have yours?

LGPL, or LGPLv2+?

I know we were reluctant to relicense openat and friends for a while,
because the fallback could abort (which is never safe for a library).
Is that still an issue for futimens?

But I'm okay with my contributions, whether to LGPL or even the looser

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