On 16/10/16 12:55, Bruno Haible wrote:
> Hi,
> The 'getprogname' module test fails on Cygwin 2.6, because the returned
> value is "test-getprogname", not "test-getprogname.exe". (On mingw, on the
> other hand, it really is "test-getprogname.exe".)
> Also, while at it, I'd like to add comments:
> 1. The declaration in getprogname.h does not state what the function does
>    or return.
> 2. In getprogname.c it is hard to understand which code is used for which
>    platform.
> 3. In test-getprogname.c there is no explanation why the file name is compared
>    with strcmp and not strcasecmp.

All improvements look good to me.


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