Paul Eggert <> writes:

> Thanks for reporting the problem. Unfortunately that patch didn't work
> for me, since Git sometimes outputs more than 4 hex digits after the
> "g", if needed to avoid ambiguity. Please try the attached further
> patch, which I installed.

You're right.  Your incremental patch works for me.  The pattern could
be tightened, but I figure it's good enough as is.

Hmm, there's an additional problem my patch fails to address: 

    # Change the first '-' to a '.', so version-comparing tools work properly.
    # Remove the "g" in git describe's output string, to save a byte.
    v=`echo "$v" | sed 's/-/./;s/\(.*\)-g/\1-/'`;

Messes with '-' in tags.  I think it should replace the first '-g'
instead.  What do you think?

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