Hi Tim,

> I have CI experience with several projects and I am willing to help.


> From my experience and knowledge, the Gitlab CI is much more
> configurable than e.g. Travis. It is docker based and thus limited to
> all kinds of Linux variants (including cross-platform builds, e.g.
> MinGW). Therefore I use Travis for OSX testing only.
> I have no experience with AppVeyor wich would be useful for native
> Windows testing.

Good, agree with Gitlab CI as a starter (since glibc systems are the
most important platforms to test).

> As a starter, I could set up a gnulib test CI as a subproject in https:
> //gitlab.com/gnuwget that syncs+tests gnulib e.g. once a day.

I think it would be better to register https://gitlab.com/gnulib as a new
project. (In the long run, the intersection between wget maintainers and
gnulib maintainers may be empty.) Would you be willing to do that, please?

"syncs+tests gnulib once a day" sounds good.


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