Hi Paul,

> I view conversion from intptr_t to pointer as being in a 
> similar category: if we avoid these conversions now we will be saving some 
> work 
> in the future.

If you can't cast from 'void *' to 'uintptr_t' and back, the language is no
longer C any more. Indeed, with the added __bnd_* primitives, the language is
going to Ada way.

It will be useful to revisit the ca. 90 casts to [u]intptr_t that we have in 
when the shape of the new language will become clearer. Maybe it will have
sizeof (type *) == 3 * sizeof (void *), who knows?

For now, given that the MPX stuff is considered experimental, I think it's too 
to rewrite code for its sake.


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