I see these linker warnings:

undefined reference to `rpl_fclose'
undefined reference to `rpl_nanosleep'

and I don't see what's wrong, looks like I need some help.

>From the extra/Makefile:
# Reproduce by: gnulib-tool --import --local-dir=extra/override --
lib=libextra --source-base=extra --m4-base=extra/m4 --
doc-base=doc --tests-base=tests --aux-dir=build-aux --no-conditional-
dependencies --libtool --macro-prefix=extra c-ctype
 c-strcase c-strcasestr cond dirname gettext-h gettime limits-h
nanosleep sockets thread

I am using libtool for creating a libextra.la, if that matters.

After 'make', in extra/ there is no nanosleep.[l]o, just the .c file.

Any idea what is going on here ?

Regards, Tim

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