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Bruno Haible <br...@clisp.org> writes:

> Genki Sky wrote:
>> These gnulib modules contain the following 12 functions:
>> - u{8,16,32}_casing_{prefix,suffix}_context
>> - u{8,16,32}_casing_{prefix,suffix}es_context
>> As it stands, these functions were exposed in the header files, but were
>> not available in the shared object. Of course, this resulted in linker
>> errors.
> Thanks for the report. Part of the fix goes into gnulib:
> 2018-04-07  Bruno Haible  <br...@clisp.org>
>       unicase/u*-context: Fix link errors with libunistring <= 0.9.9.
>       Reported by Genki Sky <s...@genki.is>.
>       * modules/unicase/u8-prefix-context (configure.ac): Require libunistring
>       version 0.9.10 or newer.
>       * modules/unicase/u8-suffix-context (configure.ac): Likewise.
>       * modules/unicase/u16-prefix-context (configure.ac): Likewise.
>       * modules/unicase/u16-suffix-context (configure.ac): Likewise.
>       * modules/unicase/u32-prefix-context (configure.ac): Likewise.

While I am glad to see this has been fixed, I now wonder when we should
increase the version number and whether the above list is complete.

Usually, I bump the required version when there is any change in the
dependent modules since the last release, using the scripts:


However, I don't see such changes since 0.9.8.  Could you elaborate why
this change is appropriate, for future improvements of the release

Daiki Ueno

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