Hi Colin,

> Some projects prefer to avoid git submodules for various reasons (they
> have rather strange UI), but at present they're the only way to pin a
> particular gnulib commit.  Add a couple of extra variables which can be
> set in bootstrap.conf to control this separately.
> * build-aux/bootstrap: Honour GNULIB_URL and GNULIB_REVISION in
> bootstrap.conf when fetching gnulib using "git clone" or via

With this change, the question "Which command-line options should I pass
to 'bootstrap', and which environment variables should I set before
invoking bootstrap?" has more than a single-sentence answer.

Since we don't have a bootstrap.texi documentation, I would suggest to
add such documentation to the 'bootstrap --help' output.

This documentation would need to cover
  * --no-git
  * --gnulib-srcdir
  * In which cases is a submodule being created, in which not?


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