Kevin R. Bulgrien wrote:
> > Note also that the GNU build tools distinguish between a development
> > machine and a target machine. On the development machine you create
> > tarballs with a configure script; on the target machine you run the
> > configure script and 'make'.  On the development machine, you need
> > recent Autotools; on the target machine (your very old system) you
> > don't need anything beyond sh, common utilities, grep, sed, awk,
> > and make.
> This tutorial was likely sorely needed, and indeed, thanks for the
> hint regarding development vs. target though it does seem daunting.
> Searches for related information seem to imply this means setting up
> a cross-compile environment, and that people find this very hard to
> do - involving days of effort.

Cross-compiling is yet another concept; this is what you would do
when the target machine does NOT have sh, common utilities, grep, sed,
awk, and cc.

But here I guess the old machine is equipped with sh, common utilities,
grep, sed, awk, and cc. So, the most comfortable way of working is
to prepare the tarball on the development machine, transfer it to
the target machine and do a normal build on the target machine.

> gnulib-tool-suggested ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS
> edits were incorrectly applied.  A correction removes the error:
> "lib/ GL_GENERATE_STDDEF_H does not appear in

OK, thanks for having let us know.


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