On HP-UX 11.31, hppa, in 32-bit mode, with cc, I observe the following
test failures:

1) Among the gnulib tests (both from the 'grep' snapshot, as well as from
a gnulib testdir):

FAIL: test-regex

$ ./test-regex 
Assertion failed: err == REG_ESPACE, file ../../lib/regexec.c, line 1077
ABORT instruction (core dumped)

2) Among the grep tests:

$ grep FAIL: tests/test-suite.log 
# XFAIL: 1
# FAIL:  18
FAIL: backref
FAIL: backref-word
FAIL: bre
FAIL: case-fold-backref
FAIL: case-fold-char-range
FAIL: empty-line
FAIL: ere
FAIL: fedora
FAIL: foad1
FAIL: inconsistent-range
FAIL: match-lines
FAIL: null-byte
FAIL: posix-bracket
FAIL: spencer1
FAIL: spencer1-locale
XFAIL: triple-backref
FAIL: unibyte-negated-circumflex
FAIL: word-multi-file
FAIL: write-error-msg


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