Necktwi Ozfguah wrote:
> While I am building coreutils with musl on  aarch64 (RaspberryPi 3B), this 
> error is thrown:
> lib/freadseek.c: In function 'freadptrinc':
> lib/freadseek.c:69:3: error: #error "Please port gnulib freadseek.c to your 
> platform! Look at the definition of getc, getc_unlocked on your system, then 
> report this to bug-gnulib."

Which version of coreutils is this? Support for musl libc has been added
to freadseek.c already in 2012. Make sure you use coreutils 8.21 or newer.

If it is a recent version of coreutils, please mention also
  - the Linux/aarch64 or BSD/aarch64 distro,
  - the configuration (relevant environment variables, as well as the configure
    command line) that you use to configure coreutils.
Without this info, we hardly have a chance to reproduce the issue.


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