ngo wrote:
How would you check the license of a font at runtime?
Hardcoding names? Not an option, please don't even think about it.
Maintaining a list of fonts that are considered free? That could become
outdated very soon and will never be 100% complete. Off the table aswell.

I think you are right.

On 2017-08-08 22:26, David Hedlund wrote:
Your proposal about allow sites to choose their own fonts ONLY if they are free fonts. I fully support that idea.

As a side-note: "Allow pages to choose their own fonts" is not unchecked in icecat 52.2.1 for Trisquel 7.

On 2016-06-05 00:26, Alejandro Hernández wrote:

Icecat has uncheck this typography option by default:*Allow pages to choose 
their own fonts*.

I would like to*allow sites to choose their own fonts*  *ONLY IF THEY ARE FREE 
SOFTWARE*. It would be good there were an*option*  for that.






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