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Brian Durant <> ha scritto:

> I just installed IceCat on a new computer with a vanilla Devuan minimum 
> i3wm install. IceCat works fine, except that no sound is available. I am 
> using Alsa for sound at this point. Please advise as to how to get 
> IceCat to work with Alsa. I have confirmed that my sound card works, so 
> I know that the problem doesn't lie there.


Alsa sound works fine to me with Gnuzilla IceCat 52.3.0 I have built on a
updated Devuan GNU+Linux Jessie 1.0 amd64 machine using the procedure I have
detailed here:

As you can see looking inside the configuration parameters here:

I have explicity enabled alsa support and disabled pulseaudio.


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