Yes, this is due to the inbuilt add-on "Reveal hidden HTML elements" as Narcis pointed out. Just disable it from the Addon Manager or from about:config and you'll get rid or this annoying shit.

On 2018-01-28 16:49, Marco van Hulten wrote:

Je 28 jan 15:56 skribis David:
Can you please give us a screenshot?
It is attached.

It is about the semi-transparant buttons at the top.  «Click to reveal
hidden elements/remove buttons» are removed by disabling the «Reveal
hidden HTML elements» extension.  The «Complain» is to complain to the
website owner about the non-free JavaScript.

When I click on «Click to reveal hidden elements/remove buttons», they
go away on that page.  I don't understand the function.

I will propose something about enabling/disabling some extensions by
default, in a proper bug report.



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