The best I can think of, is for you to back up all your information,
root your phone and then install a compatible version of LineageOS or

What is the model of your Xiaomi phone?

Keep in mind, that non-Android certified phones, and devices with
brand headquarters in non-democratic countries might come with malware



Strictly In terms of nomenclature, that Xiaomi phone runs MIUI
based on AOSP 7.1.2, and is not Android-certified.


2018-06-12 1:21 GMT +03:00, c...@abwesend.de <c...@abwesend.de>:
> Hello,
> In Android 7.1.2 (MIUI I installed Icecat 52.6.0 from F-Droid.org.
> I cannot enter "preferences" of e.g. LibreJS addon, and also not of new
> add-ons I install, e.g. uBlock Origin.
> Only if I "deactivate" e.g. Gnu LibreJS addon and then "activate" again,
> "preferences" button is visible for a short time. Even if I click it and
> change something, it seems, IceCat cannot keep the settings.
> I never managed even betting dsiplayed uBlock Origin settings, or
> preferences/settings button under "addons", though.
> Two permissions are shown "denied permissiona" in Android permissions:
> I have tried all I could to grant any permssion. Also with root terminal:
> pm grant org.gnu.icecat android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS
> That results in following error:
> "Operation not allowed: java.lang.SecurityException: Permission
> android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS is not a changeable permission type."
> Is this my problem, Xiaomi MIUI 9.5.50 problem, Android 7.1.2 problem or
> IceCatMobile 52.6.0 problem?
> Has anyone noticed the same misfunction or is this a known issue?
> Thank you, cotw
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> http://gnuzilla.gnu.org


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