Gordon reported this off-list:

>>>> On AIX-7.1 32bit, compilation fails due to gnulib's new 'getprogname'
>>>> module:
>>>>  CC       getprogname.o
>>>>  getprogname.c: In function 'getprogname':
>>>>  getprogname.c:45:4: error: #error "getprogname module not ported to this
>>>> OS"
>>>>  #  error "getprogname module not ported to this OS"

Thanks again for that report.
Here is a tentative patch (let's call it "pragmatic" -- it tests
explicitly for _AIX rather than a feature-test macro like
HAVE_GETPROCS64 and an additional macro from an autoconf test for the
existence of the procinfo.h header).

Can someone let me know if this solves the problem?

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