Follow-up Comment #4, bug #48904 (project groff):

  Thanks for the fix.  The hyphenation is now as expected.

  There is a least one pattern that is wrong (outdated), '.i3so' in the
"" file.  The 'i' there is not a prefix.

  By using ".hy 4" some hyphenation pattern are never tested.

  Programs should not hide any kind of (input) errors.  (Their authors and
maintainers are using "All errors (warnings) are equal but some are more
equal than others.)

  Some comparisons in the ""

.hy     hyphenation             never
---     -----------             ----
1       hy\%phen\%a\%tion       n\%ev\%er (error, from 'n5eve)
12|14   hyphen\%ation           never

  It looks like that some hyphenation points are derived from syllables
rather than genuine hyphenation, that takes pronunciation into account.


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