David McInnis <dav...@eagles.ewu.edu> skribis:

> substitute: guix/ui.scm:1209:6: In procedure run-guix-command:
> substitute: guix/ui.scm:1209:6: unmatched line "<html><head><meta 
> http-equiv=\"refresh\" 
> content=\"0;url=http://webhelper.centurylink.com/index.php?origURL=http://does-not-exist/nix-cache-info&bc=\"/></head><body><script
> type=\"text/javascript\">window.location=\"http://webhelper.centurylink.com/index.php?origURL=\"+escape(window.location)+\"&r=\"+escape(document.referrer)+\"&bc=\";</script></body></html>"
> actual-value: #f
> actual-error:
> + (srfi-34
> +   #<condition &nix-protocol-error [message: "substituter `substitute' died 
> unexpectedly" status: 1] 55cb734910f0>)
> result: FAIL

I think your ISP does DNS hijacking: it resolves the “does-not-exist”
hostname used in this test and other tests to an IP.  The tests expect
an name lookup error, and instead get this, hence the error.

I think there’s not much we can do on your side, but you should
definitely complain to your ISP.  :-)


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