Ben Sturmfels <> skribis:

> On 13/01/17 01:22, Ludovic Courtès wrote:
>>> Could it be worth setting max_allowed_packet to 16M in Guix's
>>> `mysql-configuration-file` function for consistency with Debian?
>> Definitely.  I would add a ‘max-allowed-packet’ field in
>> <mysql-configuration> in (gnu services databases) and make sure it’s
>> honored.
>> Would you like to give it a try?
> Sure, I'll give it a shot!
> It looks as though the MariaDB source comes with a settings file for
> Debian that includes max-allowed-packet=16M:
>   mariadb-XX.XX.XX/debian/additions/my.cnf
> Would you recommend adding just max-allowed-packet, or would it be worth
> applying all these settings in this file?

I’m not famliar with MySQL/MariaDB, but any setting that sounds useful
to you is welcome.


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