Marius Bakke <> writes:

> Danny Milosavljevic <> writes:
>> * gnu/packages/python.scm (python-sphinx)[version]: Update to 1.4.8.
>>   [source]: Use pypi-uri.
>>   [propagated-inputs]: Add python-imagesize, python-sphinx-alabaster-theme,
>>   python-babel, python-snowballstemmer, python-six.
>>   [properties]: Add python2-variant.
>> (python2-sphinx)[native-inputs]: Add python2-mock.
>>   [propagated-inputs]: Add python2-pytz.
> LGTM, thanks! As per the prior discussion, it should be applied in the
> 'python-tests' branch. Since it requires some packages only present in
> 'master', it will have to wait until the remaining failures are fixed.
> Then we can merge master, add this patch and start a new evaluation.

Leo: I'm unable to reproduce the Hydra failures, so I decided to merge
master so we can restart this branch. However, Savannah refuses the push
for no good reason!

$ git reset --hard savannah/python-tests
$ git merge master
$ <fix two conflicts>
$ git push -v savannah python-tests
Pushing to
error: failed to push some refs to ''

Any ideas? The merged branch is 687 commits ahead.

You can try the merge yourself, the conflict is easy and in
bioinformatics.scm you want to keep [arguments] and not [native-inputs].

I suppose we could rebase it and force-push, but it seems heavy-handed.

Danny: I cannot apply the sphinx update patch for some reason. Did you
use git-send-email? In any case, since you will have commit access soon,
can you please push it to the 'python-tests' branch once this merge is
resolved. Then we can start a new evaluation and hopefully do the last
round of fixes :-)

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