l...@gnu.org (Ludovic Courtès) skribis:

> So what we have here is that the Scheme procedure ‘select’ returned
> stdin as “ready for reading”.  How did that happen?  I believe this is
> due to <https://bugs.gnu.org/30368>: ‘scm_i_prepare_to_wait_on_fd’
> returns 1, so ‘select’ returns EINTR but it does so without clearing the
> FD sets.

I’ve pushed a workaround here:


and guix-0.14.0-8.bc880f9 includes that fix.

It’s been running for several hours on berlin, building a bunch of
things notably on aarch64, and it seems to work well!

On the Guix side this can be considered fixed, I think.

On the Guile side, we’ll have to push the fix for


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