Ricardo Wurmus (2018-02-12 13:53 +0100) wrote:

> The default value for “magit-git-executable” (when magit is installed
> via Guix) appears to be a store path, such as
> “/gnu/store/l7g5r1c2i0bf3cd71g53ajy8khdcyidz-git-2.16.1/bin/git”.  This
> means that when magit is used over TRAMP it will try to find the exact
> same git executable on the remote.
> Instead, magit should only look for “git” on the remote, not for the
> exact store location of a particular git executable.
> I could only use magit over TRAMP after setting “magit-git-executable”
> to “git”.

If people will agree that changing 'magit-git-executable' is not needed,
then I think 'git' can be removed from the inputs as it is used just for
that variable.

P.S.  I also use just "git" for 'magit-git-executable'.


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