Marius Bakke <> writes:

> The only remark I have is: is introducing a new variable necessary?
> SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH implies that the user wants a deterministic build;
> the upstream patch doesn't actually honor it outside of making the
> hashing method deterministic.  So, I think it might be enough to just
> test for SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH instead of DETERMINISTIC_BUILD.  The former
> is also already set in the build environment.

> However, I just noticed that you unset DETERMINISTIC_BUILD before the
> 'check' phase.  Did it break more things?

Yes, it broke a bunch of tests that are all about recompiling files when
they are considered stale.

> I suppose we'll have to set PYTHONHASHSEED somewhere in
> python-build-system as well.  Did you check if that makes a difference
> for numpy?  Perhaps it's enough to set it if we add an auto-compilation
> step?

Right, I’m going to test this with numpy now.  Thanks for the hint!


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