On 05.04.2018 21:25, Alex Kost wrote:

It probably wouldn't help but... all these commands work for me without
any error (I use smartparens 1.11 installed with Guix).

I don't use "smartparens-mode", I use these commands directly (bound to
some keys).  This is the configuration for smartparens I have in my
emacs config file:

(with-eval-after-load 'smartparens
   (require 'smartparens-config nil t)
    sp-navigate-reindent-after-up nil
    sp-ignore-modes-list nil
    sp-wrap-entire-symbol 'globally))

1.11 here, too.

That piece of configuration doesn't affect the issue; but now I can say that it doesn't matter if smartparens-mode or smartparens-strict-mode or neither is active, slurp works, barf doesn't.

I'm back to paredit, but would still like to figure this out.

Thorsten Wilms

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