I can't build aegisub:

        > guix package --install aegisub
        checking whether boost ICU support works... no
        configure: error: in 
        configure: error: Aegisub requires that boost be built with ICU support.
        See `config.log' for more details
        phase `configure' failed after 7.4 seconds
        builder for 
`/gnu/store/97g8fxipy942yzs0zp5hbvsj90hw1xc6-aegisub-3.2.2.drv' failed with 
exit code 1
        guix package: error: build failed: build of 
`/gnu/store/97g8fxipy942yzs0zp5hbvsj90hw1xc6-aegisub-3.2.2.drv' failed

It seems that the boost input is missing ICU support.

Pierre Neidhardt

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