Pierre Neidhardt <m...@ambrevar.xyz> skribis:

> This is the last message in /var/log/messages:
> Aug 29 09:13:40 localhost shepherd[1]: Evaluating user expression (let* 
> ((services (map primitive-load (?))) # ?) ?). 
>> Did
>> /var/log/messages or the console show anything?
> What console?

/dev/console, so tty1, typically.

>> I suppose you’d have to try again the experiment.  Presumably there’s
>> some fsck-like process or something taking time or waiting for input.
> Note that everything works alright.  But I'm worried that this would
> fail on a new installation where the bootloader is missing :(

Where the bootloader is missing?  The bootloader cannot be missing or
the thing is not installed.  :-)


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