I have a desktop computer that sits in the same room where I sleep. The
fans produce a noise that I would prefer not to hear when going to bed. For
that reason, I wish to make use of the hibernation feature, in which the
system state is suspended to disk as described here:


The IRC user *nxck*, who was very helpful, after some brief experimentation
concluded that Guix System probably does not support the hibernation
feature. Indeed the following comment in the source code suggests as much:


Additionally I found the following message in this mailing list from three
years ago which stated that the feature is not supported:


The three requirements for the hibernation feature to my knowledge are: 1)
sufficient swap space; 2) the resume kernel parameter; and 3) the resume
hook in the initramfs.

So, in the case that this feature is currently supported, I ask for
guidance in implementing it, and in the case that it is not currently
supported, I put forth my advocacy for its support and ask for guidance in
adding support for it.

Thank you.

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