To reproduce, just guix environment --ad-hoc ghc -- ghci. ghc@8.4.3
works. Seems like this may be related to some Prelude changes upstream
(, but I'm not
familiar enough with GHC internals to really tell what's going on.
Interestingly, when I try to run plain old GHC on some source files
with 8.6.5 I get another seemingly unrelated error:

    Bad interface file:
            mismatched interface file versions (wanted "8065", got "8043")
    1 | import Test.Hspec        (Spec, it, shouldBe)
      | ^

Again, I'm afraid I'm not entirely familiar with GHC internals and the
function of interfaces files. Nevertheless, it seems not all is well
in Guix-Haskell-land.

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