Ludovic Courtès <> writes:

> The ‘ctest’ command uses libcurl to submit reports to CDash servers.
> However, it does not “getenv” anything related to CA certs, and it does
> not either look at /etc/ssl/certs.
> For now I propose to provide a patched ‘cmake’ package that does the
> right thing.

This is the correct way, in my opinion.  The user of libcurl is supposed
to handle environment variable lookup.

> On #guix, Tobias also rightfully suggested adding a ‘getenv’ call
> directly in libcurl, which may be the better long-term solution (though
> it’s unclear whether that could interfere with application logic.)

This idea has been around for a pretty long time.  I don’t really like
it, but it would solve so many problems where users of libcurl don’t do
env var lookups and fall back to the default, which is not guaranteed to
exist when using Guix on foreign distros or even on Guix System.


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