I was attempting to upgrade my Guix (binary, on Linux Mint) installation
today using the 'guix package pull && guix package -u' commands, and Guix 
outputted the following error:

ERROR: In procedure raise:
Wrong type (expecting exact integer): #<condition &message [message: "Guix is 
too old and cannot be upgraded"] 7528ac0>
guix pull: error: You found a bug: the program 
failed to compute the derivation for Guix (version: 
"7e143375d3649f3c0bd4c13958b26c086f364647"; system: "x86_64-linux";
host version: "aa4818c33b6b2fd8d602ee93a2f53005d9472f41"; pull-version: 0).
Please report it by email to <bug-guix@gnu.org>.

I searched the Web and mailing list archives for this error but could
not find anything. Maybe I used the wrong keywords.

Is there any way I can perform a "manual upgrade" to a newer Guix

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