Hi Josh and Tobias,

thanks for reporting and checking. I'm very surprised someone is
already using this :-) I only added this package three days ago, that's
probably the reason why the source code is not available via hash on
ci.guix.gnu.org or any other CAN. There it failed to build due to a
dependency, though it doesn't tell which dependency if failing:


Is that maybe the source dependency? I thought that Ricardo added a
feature to Cuirass to see the failing dependency?

Anyway, I checked the downloaded source code from the "original"
091cizx hash and it is exactly the same as what I found in Github
(under the version tag). I changed the package definition, the sources
are now taken from the git repository. After compilation, the result is
exactly the same.

Commited as 3a8d68badaca85122d91d8b7045daee87acb0aea

This was my first Emacs package and I used the importer, which went
through very smooth. Have I done anything wrong? I noticed that only 7
packages in emacs-xyz.scm are from stable.melpa.org, where 2 of them
have a 404. Is this repository not as stable as the name suggests? 


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