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> It looks like X.509 certificates used to authenticate web sites over
> HTTPS could not be found.
> Did you set environment variables and all as described at
> <https://guix.gnu.org/manual/en/html_node/X_002e509-Certificates.html>?
> HTH,
> Ludo’.

Hi again, I've tried setting these variables in the environment but the
same effect. How can I get "guix refresh" to work in the environment?
I think this should be explained somewhere a bit more, because after
reading the packaging tutorial and parts of the documentation I
couldn't set up the development environment for Guix. 
A simple step-by-step tutorial or just list of things to do would make
it more understandable.
Is this already work in progress in the Cookbook?

For example in this section:

It is easy to miss the last step - running "make check", because it
isn't explained that running "make check" is necessary to be able to
run ./pre-inst-env. I thought I could just skip this and start hacking.

It would be more clear if the manual or the cookbook contained a
step-by-step list like this:

Quick setting up the environment:
1. git clone ...
2. ./bootstrap
3. ./configure --localstatedir=/var/
4. make check
5. setting certificates to be able to update a package

Jan Wielkiewicz

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