ng0 <> writes:

> Marius Bakke transcribed 1.2K bytes:
>> Giovanni Biscuolo <> writes:
>> > Hello,
>> >
>> > maybe Marius Bakke have something interesting to say about his
>> > judgements on this "DRM matter"
>> [...]
>> > to sum it up: AFAIU for users to be able to use Widevine they must
>> > create a custom package definition _outside_ official Guix channels
>> > *and* download the shared object "" from Chromium,
>> > installing it "manually" system wide or locally
>> This analysis is correct.  For DRM to work, the user has to build with
>> "enable_widevine=true", and then somehow obtain '' and
>> make the browser use it.
> Can this bug be closed?

Yes, I am closing this now; thanks for the reminder.

The actual Widevine implementation is not part of Chromium, and the
interfaces for loading it are disabled at build time.

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