Jean-loup has not worked on gzip for many years, but I will leave it to the 
gzip maintainers here to answer to their future intentions.

However pigz has that ability now with the --independent option, where the 
block size defaults to 128K, and can be changed with the --blocksize option. 

> On Apr 4, 2018, at 2:10 PM, - - <> wrote:
>   Hi, some time ago Jean-loup, said on [1]
>   that
>   "As you can see, all this is not a trivial task, so you should attempt
>   it only if your data is very valuable. gzip 2.0 will have a new
>   blocksize option, allowing to recover easily all undamaged blocks after
>   the damaged portion."
>   I'm using gzip 1.9 from the PCLinuxOS.
>   Can you please let me know:
>   1 Is it still the plan to get this into 2.0?
>   2 If you are, when do you think 2.0 will be out??
>   Thanks loads
>   Martin
> References
>   1.

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