On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 07:38:54AM +0200, Marin Ramesa wrote:
> This is more a question than a patch.
> Why don't the device pager hash functions use the device server routines to 
> track 
> the device associated ports?
> If the the devices and associated ports are not in one-to-one correspodence, 
> why do
> hash functions take ports as arguments, why not simply devices?
> Wouldn't something like this be better (please don't apply this, it probably 
> breaks
> something):

If I'm right, the "HACK" mentioned in those source lines you replace
refer to an optimization used by the Mach kernel which consists of
using object addresses as kernel port names to skip looking up the
object port.

So actually, these hashing functions take both a port name or a device
as argument.

Richard Braun

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