Follow-up Comment #4, bug #49023 (project hurd):

Yes, that's what I meant.  The relation is that HURD_PREEMPT_SIGNAL_P's first
argument is a struct hurd_signal_preemptor, so we'd be effectively changing
how that structure is interpreted.  Its "first, last" range would now be
compared against detail->exc_subcode instead of detail->code.

I don't know how far ranging the effect of that change would be.

I was thinking that the C++ library would be a good place to use signal
preemptors, to convert memory faults into C++ exceptions.  That's hard to do
with standard POSIX signals, since they're delivered to the process, but C++
exceptions are delivered to the thread.

I think there's a Microsoft C++ extension that does something like that.

My point is that signal preemptors seem useful, but I don't know where else
they're currently used.


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