On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 2:37 AM, Richard Braun <rbr...@sceen.net> wrote:

> From my fifteen years or so experience working in various projects with
> C++ and other languages, my opinion is that C++ is never the best
> choice. It makes you trade lines of code for increased complexity in
> understanding and following the code. You should either go with C for
> excellent control, or another higher level langguage for e.g. user
> interfaces and tasks that don't require the highest performance.

My opinion is that C++ features have to be used very, very judiciously to
avoid the problems you describe.  It's very easy to fall into a "C++
mindset" and try to write everything in "C++ style".  My solution has been
to look at each problem and ask myself how to write the code in the
simplest manner.

> I really don't think the problem you describe would be so hard to solve
> in C.

Well, let's see.  To handle arbitrary numbers of clients, we have to
dynamically allocate all those queues and lists.  We have to copy them when
adding new clients or removing old ones (more dynamic allocation).  To
constrain memory utilization, we have detect when they're no longer used
and deallocate them.

Can it be done in C?  Sure.  But following my principle of asking how to
write the code in the simplest manner, this one is obvious: STL containers


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