On 20/02/18 11:03, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Samuel Thibault, on lun. 19 févr. 2018 19:04:57 +0100, wrote:
>> See the branches there, they already exist.
>>> and ask you to commit upstream upstream?
>> If it was a matter of committing, that'd be done already... See what I
>> wrote on 18 Jan 2018:
>> «
>> Most of them don't have changelog, have formatting issues, etc.  That's
>> what needs to be fixed until we can commit them.
>> »
> One thing I hadn't written explictly: the whole hurd libpthread
> repository needs the same formatting checkup before being able to import
> it into upstream glibc.  That's where a lot of help would be very
> welcome :)
> Samuel

By "whole repository" do you mean the history needs rewriting for
changelog automation, or just the working tree HEAD?

I expect to have a bit of time spare in the next month or so.


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