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Welcome to Hurd!

I'm not sure what you consider a small task.  Perhaps you could look at my
March 9th email to this list, entitled "RFC: kernel trace facility".
Briefly, I want to instrument the kernel so that we can trace the messages
going to and from a particular task.  Our current way of doing this (a
program called rpctrace, that you should probably try out for yourself),
leaves a lot to be desired.  I think just about everyone on this list would
agree on the need for such a facility, although its actual design is still
open for debate.

Actual kernel coding is required, which is somewhat rare on this project,
because with a microkernel architecture, so much of what we do is in user

I've started work on it and have a little bit of code written.

Does this look like the right size and complexity for you?  If not, I'll
try to suggest something else.

Thanks for your email, and for any help you can give us!


On Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 1:36 PM, Charlie Sale <>

> Hello GNU Hurd
> I am new to this list, so I figured I would introduce myself.
> After reading this project's website, I am very interested in contributing
> to this project. I have always been interested in learning about/doing some
> kernel development. This seems like an excellent place to start.
> While I do need to learn about how the GNU Hurd works, I do have a solid
> foundation in C and I am a quick learner. I would love to contribute to
> this project.
> I intend to start reading up on the documentation and digging around in
> the code, but it seems like the best way to learn is start with small
> tasks. Is there a good starting point?
> Thanks!
> Charlie

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