Flávio Cruz, le lun. 29 janv. 2024 23:03:43 -0500, a ecrit:
> On Sun, Jan 14, 2024 at 7:13 PM Samuel Thibault <[1]samuel.thiba...@gnu.org>
> wrote:
>     Flávio Cruz, le mar. 05 déc. 2023 01:27:30 -0500, a ecrit:
>     > I have sent quite a few patches throughout the last year or so
>     > because things would fail to build from time to time.
>     I'd say failures should be notified on [4]commit-h...@gnu.org, so you're
>     not the only one to fix issues.
> I will try to do that.

Thanks :)

> I think it would be nice to run tests similar to the
> gnumach qemu based tests so that we don't simply test compilation but also 
> that
> the resulting images can boot and shutdown.


> FYI: it is now possible to build a working x86_64 image using [5]https://
> github.com/flavioc/cross-hurd if people want to hack on x86_64 as I added
> support for rumpdisk recently.

Cool :D


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