Hello Sam,

Thanks for the report and patch.

* Sam Steingold wrote on Mon, Dec 03, 2007 at 06:08:47PM CET:
> VERSION=1.5.22
> TIMESTAMP=" (1.1220.2.365 2005/12/18 22:14:06)"
> ltmain.sh install does not support spaces in destdir, because it does
> not quote destdir. this can be a serious problem for woe32 users.

Whitespace issues are all over ltmain.in.  It's easy to fix some, it's
almost impossible to fix all instances in a way such that the absolute
names to installed programs and libraries can contain whitespace.
At least the cost to benefit ratio for this problem is way out of
proportion, and it would quite certainly make `libtool' much slower
than it is today (and it is already quite slow).  Case in point:
all loops over deplibs would need to quote them, matching a la
  case $deplib in

would need eval'ing and so on.  It would amount to more or less a

All that can reasonably be done is to fix issues that prevent whitespace
in the absolute name of the source tree and the build tree.  Which
hasn't been done, and is not simple either, but at least possible.
(I'm in the process of fixing most of such issues that are in Autoconf
and Automake ATM; I'd rather not do it for Libtool).

> please consider the appended patch which fixed the problem for me:

Just a dozen lines further down are more issues.  If you decide to redo,
please against CVS HEAD, and please add a testcase so that at least this
instance will remain fixed.  It won't help third-party, libtool-using
packages to use your installed library, though, due to the whitespace in
its absolute name.


> 2007-12-03  Sam Steingold  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>       * ltmain.sh: quote $destdir in install to support spaces in it

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