Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> * Peter O'Gorman wrote on Mon, Dec 10, 2007 at 08:42:25PM CET:
>> So, I dug my old g3 tower out of the closet, started it up and ran the
>> libtool testsuite (I wanted to see what failed currently before trying a
>> patch to see what failed after it).
>> There are a number of failures related to the older autotools in the
>> default install of 10.2.8. (autoconf-2.52, automake-1.6.1)
>> Test 28 fails because autoconf-2.52 does not grok --force.
>> "autoconf: invalid option --force"
> Please name the tests; I don't think my test 28 (DESTDIR with in-package
> deplibs) is your test 28.  Is it `Support for older m4 interface.'
> Then please try dropping --force, similar for your test 29 which should
> then fail, too.

I just downloaded the daily snapshot and ran ./configure; make ; make
check, I have not yet hacked on it to try and fix.

Naming the tests:

   5: libtoolize.at:368  upgrading verbatim style aclocal.m4
  28: old-m4-iface.at:40 AM_PROG_LIBTOOL
  29: old-m4-iface.at:95 AC_WITH_LTDL
  30: am-subdir.at:33    C subdir-objects
  31: am-subdir.at:93    C++ subdir-objects
  33: lt_dladvise.at:28  lt_dlopenadvise library loading
  39: subproject.at:57   compiling softlinked libltdl
  40: subproject.at:73   compiling copied libltdl
  41: subproject.at:89   installable libltdl
  43: nonrecursive.at:78 compiling softlinked libltdl
  44: nonrecursive.at:102 compiling copied libltdl
  45: nonrecursive.at:126 installable libltdl
  46: recursive.at:60    compiling softlinked libltdl
  47: recursive.at:80    compiling copied libltdl
  48: recursive.at:100   installable libltdl
  52: early-libtool.at:32 config.status
  53: early-libtool.at:126 config.lt

I'll try patching and test again tonight.

Peter O'Gorman

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