Hi Daiki,

You wrote:
> > Although I agree that this build issue affects many systems, I am not
> > sure if this is worth an immediate new release, because:
> > - these days, most people install this library as a distribution
> >   package, in particular if they are using glibc based systems
> > - since the above fixes only touch *.[ch] files, distributions could
> >   easily patch their packages without bootstrapping

Now people actually reported the issue, at

I've prepared everything for the release. But I cannot make a release,
because I'm not a registered release uploader (unlike for gettext and

Please, can you please upload the release?
  - Set GNULIB_TOOL variable. Set the gnulib commit in version.sh.
    Run "./autogen.sh".
  - Run "./configure; make distcheck"
  - Run "gnupload --to ftp.gnu.org:libunistring libunistring-0.9.10.tar.gz 



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